Born on September 17, 1983, Anthony grew up in Nancy. Named by his father in admiration for the actor Anthony Quinn, he lost him at the age of one to asthma. His mother then made up her mind to leave the project housing and its sad life to settle down on Corsica with her family. Music was never a hereditary passion, but Anthony discovered all the same a guitar in the family cellar, the very one which his father had dreamed of playing. In love with Rachmaninov, Pachelbel, Handel as well as all the great classics of film music, Anthony began studying the violin at the age of 11. After the death of his teacher, he learnt the classical guitar. Then, carried along by the rise of grunge fashion in the 90s, he discovered the world of rock and guitar heroes. He put together a band and performed in bars and at festivals, playing old hits by Buckley, Radiohead, Muse, etc., as well as personal compositions. Eager for novelty and sensitive to the various musical styles heard at Jazz festivals or Corsican polyphonic concerts, Anthony further diversified himself by learning the piano at 17, followed by the drums and cello. Realizing that film music was his true passion, he left Corsica at the age of 20 to attend an audiovisual school in Paris, where he studied as well sound and direction. His studies broadened his film and musical culture, enabling him to better understand the technical aspect of sound and image. Shortly afterward, he became acquainted with Fabrice Aboulker, and worked as his film editor for 2 years. He composed and equally perfected himself with sound engineer Celmar Engel, and this experience proved extremely enriching. At the same time, he deepened his ability to adopt music to images, as well as his passion for symphonic orchestrations, thanks to arrangers such as Pascal Stive and Damien Roche. The violin then proved greatly beneficial to both the ear and harmony.